Singer/Songwriter Leanna Oki Takes A Deep Dive Into Her Emotions On Latest Single “Sink”

Growing up in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada, Indie singer-songwriter Leanna Oki’s love for music blossomed from an early age.

The University of Toronto graduate picked up a guitar in her freshman year and has had the compelling inclination to write music of her own ever since. Continually performing at local events to build on her craft and stage presence, Oki creates music as a form of self-expression and therapy – a way to help her release inexplicable feelings and experiences.

Recorded at Toronto’s Sandbox Studios and co-produced by KR Moore, Leanna’s latest single “Sink,” is an R&B/Soul, pop-infused track that narrates her journey from heartbreak to healing, conveying the hardships experienced during a difficult time in her life. She found the metaphor of sinking underwater to be particularly telling, as she felt it was an accurate way of depicting the emotions she was feeling at the time.

Leanna shares on “Sink,”

The song is centered around the imagery of sinking into the sea as a metaphor for giving into my internal conflict. I was compelled to write this song as a way to express my feelings of numbness and pain that I couldn’t put into words. I believe that a lot of people can relate to this feeling, so I hope this song can connect with others going through any sort of personal struggle and help them feel more understood.”

Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows, and often this will cause us to wage war inside ourselves; a feeling of being caught in-between reality and fantasy.

As we fall further and further away from the shoreline and sink into the depths of the sea, we escape from the “noise” that is our reality, and into the comforting arms of silence. It is only when we come to the surface will we realize this is temporary.

Let music be the lifejacket that keeps your head above water.  

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