Viveka Cousins Debuts Transcending Single “Easy Fix”

Born and raised in Hollywood, California, 23-year-old singer-songwriter Viveka Cousins’ musical career began after a shift in her life, moving from Los Angeles to Stockholm. It was in this transition she encountered many recurring sensations and emotions. Grappling with loneliness, distance, anxiety, and depression, Viveka turned to songwriting to help work her way through many internal dialogues.

Experimenting with vocal layering and harmonizing to add texture and depth, Viveka’s debut single, “Easy Fix,” is built on emotional exchange. Touching on the sacrifices we’d make for love and the parts of ourselves we are at risk losing in the process, Viveka’s vocals put the listener in a dream-like state as the graceful sound of keys begins turning what is a song into a story. Asking a question of; how much of ourselves are we willing to sacrifice to be something for someone else?

Produced by Austin Dhillon (808 Death Club), the accompaniment of ambient synths and sub-bass make for an Electro-Pop feel, amplifying the track’s longing for transcendence.

Singing the lyrics: “Was trampled by the need to fill a void that was growing / but yours I couldn’t mend / saw trouble by the end,” Viveka has begun to realize that no matter how much one tries to appease another, it will never fully heal what they’re feeling deep down inside. Like a band-aid to an open wound, it may stop the bleeding, but it won’t always prevent scars.

Viveka hopes that even if for a short while, this track can provide the listener with the encouraging belief that they deserve better and can recognize within themselves their self-worth and when it’s time to move on. Some stories are better left unfinished. As much as we may care for somebody, we can’t always be the one to help someone who doesn’t wish to help themselves.

Stream the single below:

Matthew Patania

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