Sam Polley And The Old Tomorrows

Growing up as the youngest member of a musical family, Sam Polley was introduced to a multitude of genres. “At first I fell in love with classic rock, starting of course with The Beatles, moving to Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty,” says Polley. “As time went on, I started to explore a variety of genres, old country, ’50s/’60s rock, as well as Motown.” 

Surrounding himself with local musicians, Polley formed Sam Polley & The Old Tomorrows in 2017 in downtown Toronto with brothers Tally and Gianni Ferraro (Bass/Drums), and veteran players, Fraser Melvin (Electric Guitar) and Jeff Giles (Piano/Keyboard). “I chose guys to join The Old Tomorrows who I knew shared similar interests and sounds,” explains Polley. “That way I knew each of them would bring something unique that fits into the overall sound I was looking for; a sound centered around everything I listened to growing up.” 

In 2018, as a featured artist on the Jim Cuddy Band’s Constellation Tour, Sam Polley & The Old Tomorrows embarked cross country playing their then newly recorded EP, titled EP in a Day. Once back, they continued to tour into 2019, playing festivals and in cities throughout Ontario.

Released earlier this year, Time Forgot is the band’s first full-length album. Blending ’50s and ’60s rockabilly licks, old country twang, and Motown swing, Time Forgot brings with it an upbeat boogie accompanied by groovy hooks. “For the album, I wanted to create something that people could get up and dance to,” says Sam. “That’s what the ’50s and ’60s were all about, so it was a natural direction for us to go.”

The album title suggests that with time all we may have left are a collection of moments lost in history. Through song, Sam Polley & The Old Tomorrows, are able to transcend these moments into experiences, thus connecting on a deeper level with their audience. “I’ve always been more interested in the way something sounds like as a whole or feels,” says Sam. “I wanted to make upbeat music, fun to play and would create a fun atmosphere around us. I am lucky that I am in a profession where I can create a good time, it’s fun.”

Sam attributes many career opportunities to that of his artistic parents, sharing with him the knowledge that one could make a living pursuing whatever it is they enjoy doing. His father, Jim Cuddy (co-leader of Canadian roots-rock band, Blue Rodeo) and Rena Polley (actress and founder of theatre company The Chekhov Collective), taught Sam the ins and outs of becoming the best version of himself on and off the stage. “I was introduced to so many different levels of musicians by my father and was to be a part of a very accepting and encouraging group of people,” explains Polley. “He introduced us to music and gave us opportunities as we grew up to explore music, and see if it was something we wanted to do. “My mother taught me how to perform, and how to be myself at all times,” adds Polley. “My parents have come as a big help when playing live shows, and creating the upbeat environment we try to achieve as a band.”

Sam Polley & The Old Tomorrows have adopted a rose-coloured glasses way of thinking – creating the life they wish to lead while giving their best selves to the music world and their fans. A moment lasts for a second, but memories last forever. Something that no matter how much time has passed, one can never forget. 

Stream the album below:

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Matthew Patania

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