PREMIERE: Cinzia And The Eclipse’s “Runaway”

Built on a foundation of emotional strength and honesty, singer-songwriter Cinzia carries with her a voice of purity and vulnerability, believing in a simple mantra of “Authenticity Over Everything.” 

“If something does not connect with me, or those around me, on a deeper level, I will not bring myself to pursue it,” Cinzia explains. A frame of mind that has awarded Cinzia the opportunity to be featured on CJAD 800AM (Montreal’s #1 Talk Radio station), Global-TV News (Montreal), and CIBL 101.5FM (Montreal French Radio) as well as take part in the Artist Entrepreneur program at Canada’s Music Incubator.

Having opened for Canadian acts such as BülowBilly Raffoul, and MONOWALES, Cinzia & The Eclipse have been making their mark on the music scene and continue to travel in an upward trajectory. 

Drawing inspiration from Julia MichaelsFlorence and The MachineJanis Joplin, and their hometown of Montreal, their vision is to inject the world with a much-needed dose of raw, unfiltered emotion; finding strength through serene melodies and profoundly relatable lyrics that have the ability to tug on one’s heartstrings, creating an instant connection with listeners. 

In anticipation of the release of their debut EP Little Italy later this fall, Cinzia & The Eclipse premiere “Runaway.” The first single off the upcoming record, “Runaway” tells the story of a bold woman who’s made a couple of mistakes but doesn’t let them define her. She’s impulsive, yet knows how to stay true to her path. “I wrote “Runaway” to put the feeling of having to constantly explain myself to rest – to feel free doing and being who I want to be,” explains Cinzia. “This song is about making your own decisions and following your own path, no matter how wild, impulsive, or insane it may seem.”

Around the forty-six second mark, we hear the line: “your white lies never hurt anyone, well I’ve never held a loaded gun until now.” Words Cinzia says came to her after having several writing opportunities, yet feeling as if she was being pigeonholed into the idea that she is only capable of writing sad love songs. 

As you listen to “Runaway,” learn to stop questioning yourself. Instead, take the world head-on and give to it the best version of yourself because that’s exactly what it deserves. “This song was written to help rid you of your insecurities and live the life you want to lead without fear of judgment,” says Cinzia. “I want you to feel empowered.” Never be scared to be who you’ve always wanted to be just because other people try to tell you differently. Stay true to who you are, authenticity over everything.

*Cinzia & The Eclipse will be releasing their debut EP Little Italy on October 30th*

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Matthew Patania

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